>I was up in Dublin last Monday for a meeting. Dunno how familiar you are with the geography of Dublin, but around lunchtime I was crossing from St. Andrew’s Street to William Street (or whatever street is at the back of the Powerscourt). Anyway, it was at that junction between the afore-mentioned streets and Wicklow/Exchequer Street.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a guy in a nice 02 C-Class Merc driving through the junction parallel to me. I took little notice until I heard him beep his horn – some pedestrian had wandered across Merc Man’s path, and Merc Man gave hm a little auditory reminder to wake the hell up.

Next thing I knew, the pedestrian made a run for the Merc as it was driving away from him and drew a kick at the driver’s door. Merc Man obviously stopped the car, opened the door and caught sight of the pedestrian.

“Bloody jaywalker!” he shouted at the pedestrian.

“FUCK YOU!” was the civilised reply.

I’m just surprised that Merc Man didn’t get out of the car and lay about the pedestrian’s head with a Krooklok. He closed the door and drove on. I didn’t have the heart to point out to him that although his door wasn’t dented (for it received a fairly fearsome dunt), there was a rather nasty scuff mark from the sole of the pedestrian’s shoe that won’t rub out in a hurry.

Dublin, eh? Tcheh