>A few months ago I bought a rather nice lefty s/h Rickenbacker 360/6 guitar in Jetglo finish (my favourite). I paid around €1.5k for it from the UK, which I thought was a good price (and still do).

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of setting up a search on Ebay for Rickenbacker guitars (just to keep an eye on values and such, don’t you know – I had no interest in buying another Ric). Today, I have just come across a rather nice lefty s/h Rickenbacker 360/6 in Fireglo finish and with various upgrades. It’s based in the US and there’s a BIN price of around €1.1k. Now, I’m not a great fan of the Fireglo finish (it depends on whether they’re photographed indoors or outdoors – outdoors they can look a bit insipid), but I don’t dislike it by €400!

No, I’m not going to buy it (I’ve a 4003 bass on order and that’s more than enough Ric for me, thank you) but it does show that I shouldn’t have set up that search on Ebay. It’s a bit like a newly-wed gentleman going out clubbing with his mates and eyeing up the talent. It’s just not done…