>The combination of the appalling weather we’ve been having over here for over a month (36 days since there was a totally dry one, apparently) and the fact that TV is usually crap over the summer meant that last night, I actually found myself watching an Ingmar Bergman movie, “Journey into Autumn” (I think).

I’d never watched a Bergman movie before and I only stuck with this one for about 30 mins. Can’t say if Bergman’s characters are typical Swedes – I only know one Swedish chap personally and he’s a real family man.

Let’s just say that the movie was beautifully photographed (it was) and the B/W print was gorgeous (it was, lovely and warm in an “analogue” sort of way). I’ve never been in Stockholm apart for a few hours spent in transit at the airport, but the location shots looked very attractive – very European in a way that Dublin isn’t. Of course, the film came out in 1955, so the locations are probably all demolished at this stage. Might travel to Stockholm some time, but it would help if they had the euro…