>Last Sunday, we were supposed to be going to the All-Ireland Hurling Quarter Finals in Croke Park, where Tipperary were to play Wexford and Kilkenny to play Galway. Unfortunately, due to the death of the Kilkenny keeper’s wife in a car-crash, the games were postponed to this coming Saturday…

…which was somewhat unfortunate for me in that I had already booked to go to London to watch Arsenal play in the Emirates Cup. Double-booked as it were.

I’d booked the e-tickets for Croker off Ticketmaster, one each for Mrs et moi and one for Younger Daughter. The GAA said that refunds were available from point of sale but the Ticketmaster website was a little bit ambiguous in relation to refunds. I eventually found a part of their site which related to cancellations and reschedulings. Essentially, it said to return the tickets to the Customer Service office in Dubln by secure post.

Mrs and YD decided that they would go to the games anyway, so I was only looking for a refund for my own ticket. Yesterday, I wrote to Ticketmaster, enclosing my e-ticket and requesting my refund. I sent it off to Dublin by registered post – cost me €5, which I thought was a bit stiff, but still…

In my letter to Ticketmaster I said I would also be sending them the text of my letter by e-mail. Given the tight timescale involved, I didn’t want to give Ticketmaster the opportunity to welsh on the deal by saying that they hadn’t received my letter in time. Safety first, doncha know.

I sent off the e-mail before I headed to the Post Office with my letter. Imagine my surprise when I got back from the Post Office to find an e-mail in my inbox, telling me that my refund had been processed already.

Quick response time, I acknowledge, but I wonder would the e-mail have been sufficient to get my refund? Did I really have to spend €5 to send my letter and e-ticket to Dublin?

Puzzling, but in the context of the tragic accident in Kilkenny, hardly of the highest importance in the overall scheme of things…