>…and speaking of iPods

Do NOT download/install Version of iTunes. It totally screwed up my iPod, requiring me to “restore” the device and re-load my tunes, which was a real pain in the bum as I had more tunes archived than I have capacity to play on the iPod, so I had to go through the archive and select tracks individually. I almost got RSI as a result.

And of course, playlists and count info were lost as a result. Bum-mer.

Essentially, iTunes would not eject the iPod properly, so any changes would not be saved. After much to-ing and fro-ing (incl. several deletions/reloads of iTunes), I finally got the software to work using Version 7.2. Everything is tickety-boo on a going forward basis.

Seems there’s a lot of grief on the Apple forums in relation to V. and Apple appear to be less than helpful in their responses (“OK, is the iPod connected? OK, are you wearing odd socks?”).

It’s always useful to keep things in perspective and my tribulations with iTunes are as nothing when compared to the plight of those poor souls in Darfur, but I really hate it when shit I’ve paid for doesn’t work.

Speaking of which, my Canon printer is on the blink. Always happens when I change cartridges…