>Back to nearly normal today. Sinutab is a wonderful thing altogether…:-)

Spent yesterday under a sleeping bag in the front room, watching way too much soccer on Setanta Sports. Man U v Boro was a free-flowing 4-1 victory for the home team (though I’m not a big fan of Man U), while Portsmouth v West Ham went on for what seems like 3 hours – (0-0).

Like most people, I have a stockpile of DVDs and recorded TV that I put aside for sick days, but your man the sinus is a bugger for screwing up the powers of concentration. I would have had difficulty in keeping up with the plot of yer average Tom & Jerry cartoon, whereas soccer is something I look at rather than watch. I just let it wash all over me, to be truthful.

Improvement continues. Got to get out of the house today for some fresh air.