1. (-) – Going Through The Motions – Aimee Mann
  2. (-) – Once Upon A Time – Air
  3. (-) – Drumnagarry Strathspey/Pirrie Wirrie/Big John’s Reel – Altan
  4. (-) – Mozart – Rondo Alla Turca – Andrei Gavrilov
  5. (-) – If You Were There, Beware – Arctic Monkeys
  6. (-) – Turtle – Artery
  7. (-) – Penny Lane – The Beatles
  8. (-) – No One Will Know – Bella
  9. (-) – Stars – The Buzzcocks
  10. (-) – T T T – The Buzzcocks

My iPod had one of its occasional total crap-outs (craps-out?) the other day and I had to re-format the damn thing. I also, for the first time, created my own “library” in iTunes. Up to know, the entire family had used the same library, but because of my…er…specialist taste in music, whenever I added anything to my iPod, I always deleted it afterwards from the library. Obviously, the material was either on a hard drive as a download or was on CD, so it was possible (though very painful) to track down all the material I’d had to delete. The whole process ran over three days..:-(

I also took the opportunity to drop some old material I’d been listening to for ages and introduce some new stuff. Plus I allowed myself to sample some of the stuff that my kids had on the main library – I know – taking my life in my hands and that.

Bottom line is – this month’s chart bears absolutely no relation to that of last month. Sorry about that, chaps.

It strikes me that this type of thing was never an issue with vinyl – ah, me…