>A few weeks ago, we had problems with leaks from our bathroom into our kitchen.

After much beard tweaking, cursing and swearing (OK, in reality, effin‘ and blindin‘), we discovered that the source of the leaks was a disconnected downpipe in the bathroom w.h.b.

I called Mr. Builder Guy and he sorted out the problem. But it was still necessary to rectify the consequences of the leaks:- water stains on the kitchen ceiling (multiple coats of paint has remedied this) and a jamming kitchen door. Water had been leaking through a small little hole in the edge between the kitchen ceiling and the supporting wall where the door lives. As a result, water had dripped down through the door jamb and on to the door itself, causing it to swell and stick in the doorway.

It had been my intention to sand the area of the door that had swollen. In order to identify that area, I hit upon the delightful wheeze of rubbing pencil graphite on to the door jamb above the door. The graphite would mark the door where it was sticking. Tried it out and, sure enough, it worked – I could see exactly where the door was sticking.

The next step would be to get some sandpaper and, well, sand. However, for whatever reason, I didn’t get around to that task. As days passed, the door seemed to be less inclined to stick. Today, I discovered that the door wasn’t sticking at all. Obviously, it has dried out in recent days and the swelling has reduced.

So that was a job saved, then…

Sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing at all. As I say, creative inertia.