>Looks like there could be some significant financial issues ahead…:-)

My 6-year old Dell laptop is due for retirement in the Autumn, but I’m not sure it’s going to make it that far. It’s a Dell Inspiron, but it’s performance these days is dull and uninspiring. It’s been very slow to start-up these last two days, at least 15 mins and a couple of “hard-reboots”, but unless I really have to, I don’t want to splash out on a new laptop in a hurry. I want to do a lot of research and get the best I can afford – when I can afford it…:-)

And then there’s my iPod. I reckon the battery’s on the fritz, so a trip to Mr. iPod Repair Guy in Dublin looks likely. As it happens, I’m going there next Monday to see Elbow live, so I might just take the iPod along with me to see what happens.

Of course, you’ll well remember the little spot of bother I almost got myself into in relation to iPods on Ebay last year. I still wouldn’t mind a larger iPod (even an old 60Gb model would do, I’m not terribly fussy). Maybe Mr. iPod Repair Guy might have a re-conditioned model for sale at the right price. Might be worth a try.

We’ll see. Whatever happens with either the laptop or the iPod (or both), my credit card might be taking a bit of a hit…:-^)