>Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that a number of items I’ve posted on forums and blogs other than this one have been deleted by the moderators/bloggers.

I have absolutely no problem with this. It’s the prerogative of the bloggers or moderators to assess whether any posted items are worthy of publication and are not just the witterings of people (such as I) who occasionally have too many shandies down the Dog and Dinosaur and come home in the wee small hours to type total “ráiméis“. The world doesn’t need it, quite frankly…

I have this principle that I try to live by:- if it can’t happen, it won’t happen. This principle can be applied successfully to almost any element of modern, everyday life, not least the posting of idiotic tosh on blogs and such.

So in an effort to make less of a nuisance of myself, I now intend not to look at any blog or forum between today and 1 September next. Just as a trial period. If I can’t look at a blog, then I won’t post a comment. Seems like a simple proposition…