>It’s been a while since my last posting, but some interesting stuff has happened:-

  1. Let’s see – first, and perhaps most important – my elder daughter has graduated from second-level education (or “high school”, if you prefer). She is about to face into her final exams (or “Leaving Cert”, if you prefer) and is studying like mad. Last week, there was a “graduation” Mass said in her school. It was very pleasant and somewhat emotional – one does realise the passage of time when one’s eldest offspring is finishing school and heading (hopefully) for university. Towards the end of the ceremony, the girls in her year sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” a la Jeff Buckley and it brought a tear to my eye – not just for the occasion that was in it, but for the stupendous loss to the world caused by the untimely death of Jeff Buckley. Hmmm… Of course, back in my time, there was no such thing as “graduation”. You just “left school”. How things have changed…
  2. I finally got my Rickenbacker bass after almost two years waiting and a snafu with my order. When I opened the case, I was instantly transported back to 1974 when I bought Sparks’ “Kimono My House”, which featured Martin Gordon playing a Ric 4001 bass. I have lusted after a Ric bass for 34 years and finally got to fulfill my dreams when I opened the new Ric’s guitar case and plugged it into my POD. That sound that at the age of 11 convinced me that I should learn to play the bass. 1974 – I mean Jesus!
  3. Took Mrs. P to see Bruce Springsteen in Dublin last night. I am not a fan of The Boss, but “the boss” is, so when the tickets came up for sale, I had no hesitation in getting a brace of tickets. Whatever I might think about Springsteen, he puts on a great show with no fancy stagecraft involved. A most enjoyable night all told, but my feet and knees were aching when we got back to the hotel. Gettinould, boy…
  4. So this morning, we skipped breakfast and went straight to the Dundrum Town Centre, where both Mrs. P and I went for cooked breakfast. Being the gentleman that I am, I paid for both of our breakfasts. The bill came to €13.50. Amazing! I asked the guy at the checkout had he possibly undercharged me. “No”, he said, “I charged for everything. Great value, isn’t it?” Who was I to disagree? And the fee for 2 hours’ parking was only €2. Almost made me feel like moving back to the Big Shmoke. And then I bought 3 hoodies and a polo shirt in Penneys for €32. I know I’m supposed to be concerned about our poor brethren in the Far East who work in intolerable conditions in sweatshops to make such sinfully-cheap clothing. But €32? I mean come on…:-)