>Got back from Poland yesterday. Tired after a very busy, but very enjoyable, few days business.

Click here to see a few photos.

Warsaw looks rather like Prague in many ways. It certainly could do with a few bob being spent on it, but it is still rather attractive. One advantage Warsaw has over Prague is the fact that it is less afflicted by tourists, especially in the Stare Miesto area (Old Town to you (and me…)). However, there is a significant problem with poor service in restaurants and an unfortunate tendency to short-change tourists…

…oh, and for some bizarre reason, you can’t buy postcards from the usual magazine/tobacco kiosks. Dunno why.

The best part of the trip was the fact that I met my old sparring partner Peter Fitzpatrick (he of the Pushing & Pulling blogsite) who was over from Dublin on business. I haven’t met him in years. The occasion was so auspicious that it has been recorded for posterity (Peter’s on the right…)

Would I go back to Warsaw. Certainly.