>Shur, why not?:-

  1. To eat sushi for the first time – UPDATE – nearly managed it a few weeks ago when we were in Dublin for the Springsteen concert, only the sushi bar in the Dundrum Town Centre just seems to open for lunch
  2. To get to see Arsenal play at least once this year – UPDATE – I’m booked to see the Gunners play Juventus as part of the Emirates Cup in early August (if I live that long…)
  3. To visit a country I’ve never been to before (this one is looking good…) – UPDATE – sorted – the Czech Republic and Poland have been ticked off the list so far, and there is a slight possibility that Slovenia might be on the cards towards the end of the year.
  4. To start cycling again as soon as the weather improves (this one is not looking good…) – UPDATE – I have gone cycling on a number of occasions in recent times, but not nearly as much as I should have. Still, it’s some form of progress, innit?
  5. To generally get the oul‘ bod a bit more together – UPDATE – see 4 above. And I have one or two other plans that might (or mightn’t) work.
  6. To move house – UPDATE – looking more like Christmas to be fair, but there has been a sudden surge in activity over the last few weeks. Who knows, eh?
  7. To either change my car or keep it for longer – UPDATE – so far, it’s looking like I’m keeping it, so, result…
  8. To have a better year at work than I had last year (which wasn’t bad, but had its “moments”) – UPDATE – this year has been very good on the travel front and not so bad on other fronts, so I can’t really complain too much
  9. To see friends more – UPDATE – met Peter Fitz in Warsaw (how cool was that?) and my mate Jerry Kelliher the week before in Dublin. And I’m going to the Electric Picnic in September with my cousin Redmond, so I’m doing well here…
  10. To stop wrecking me own head – UPDATE – well, 8 out of 10 ain’t bad…