>Yesterday afternoon was wonderful for me, my friends, just one damn thing after another:-

  1. So the weather finally stays good enough for long enough for me to decide to cut the lawns (front and back). It’s been about a month since I cut them last, so things were starting to get a little bit out of hands, herb-wise. Having spent an hour or so pushing my decrepit old lawnmower around, I finished up and went to put the mower back in the garage…only to find that the garage door wouldn’t close properly. The left and right sides of the door didn’t seem to be on the same page of the script, to the effect that the left-side would go down half-way, but the right-side wouldn’t budge, ergo the garage door was starting to twist. An hour spent pulling and dragging only lead to the roller on the left-side popping out of its track. Repeated belts of the roller with a lump hammer lead to the flattening of part of the track. I tried to cut and bend that part of the track, but to no avail. I even tried to unscrew the track from the wall – the top screw was seized tight. By the time I finally got the roller on the left-side sorted, the roller on the right popped out of its track. I then realised that the strut supporting the right-side of the door seemed to be seized. By this stage, my priority was to get some way of covering up the opening to the garage (not that there’s anything worth stealing – it’s the principle of the thing, y’know). But since the door was not budging and was also quite twisted – beyond repair, I should imagine – I took the decisive step of cutting the door away from its supporting struts and allowing it to stand freely at the opening, being “held in place” by reversing my new van into the opening (I knew I’d find a use for it). I’m guessing a replacement door is going to cost a few thousand euro, but what can I do? I have to have a garage door…
  2. Then last night, having got a fill of home heating oil, I followed the standard procedure of bleeding the system at the pump. This involves loosening a nut at the base of the bump and running it, so that some of the oil spills out but clears any airlocks in the pipeline. Only there was no oil spillage – I’m guessing there is dirt somewhere at the outlet of the oil tank. And that’s way beyond my ability as a DIY-er. Boiler Guy is due on Tuesday a.m.
  3. And then to top it all, while mowing the lawn, I got stung by a nettle for the first time in about thirty years. It didn’t hurt as much as it used to in the old days – I’ve obviously acquired a thick skin somewhere along the line, but it’s the principle of the thing – guys my age shouldn’t get stung by nettles, that’s kids stuff

Who’d be me, eh…?:-)