>Last night I went to see Munster play Glasgow Warriors at the newly-developed Thomond Park in Limerick. It was a great game – Munster won 25-17 in a tight match. The new stadium is good, although I was a little bit disappointed that the areas under the stands are just bare concrete. A lick of paint wouldn’t have gone amiss.

But boy was it raining. It came down in buckets. And as a consequence, it seems as if my iPod has got waterlogged. I have it in the hot press (“airing cupboard” to my non-Irish readers) at the moment to see if it will dry out. If it doesn’t (bad news), then the cash I have spent on buying a new 120 Gb iPod will not have been wasted (I was thinking of getting a bigger iPod anyway). If it does dry out (good news), then I might use the old iPod in the car.

It’s not really a question of winning or losing – it’s more a question of interpreting a defeat as a victory.

We’ll see how things pan out…