>Please read the Wikipedia obituary for Columb Farrelly.

I met him once. In fact I spent an afternoon in his company sometime around 1989/90, when I was trying to set myself up as a freelance MIDI programmer. I put an ad in the Hot Press or in one of the music shops in Dublin, offering my services. Columb saw the ad, rang me up and we agreed to meet at his house in Stoneybatter. Things didn’t go terribly well, basically because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing (still don’t as it happens). He was very nice about it, though.

Next thing I heard about Columb was the fact that he’d written the original theme music for Fair City. After that, the Wikipedia obituary…

The only other significant thing I can think of was the fact that he’d discovered Sinéad O’Connor and put her in a group call Ton Ton Macoute. I was recording a demo in a studio in Dublin in 1988 and the studio proprietor stuck on a tape and said “Listen to this”. It was a Ton Ton Macoute demo that he’d recorded in the studio. It was pretty damn good, as I recall.

That’s it. My brief encounter with Columb Farrelly.