Brilliant, brilliant gig. The Futureheads evoke the spirit of 1978 and 1979, channelling XTC’s Go2 and Drums and Wires albums.

I was delighted that the recent “post-punk” revival came about, as I always felt that new wave music expired around 1980 with a lot of unfinished business on the agenda. Bands like Editors, Interpol and Maximo Park have done much to explore the uncharted regions of post-punk music, but the Futureheads are the best of the lot. Sassy and shouty with more angles than a dodecahedron and bags of provincial attitude to boot. One of my two favourite bands of the moment (the other being Elbow, who performed in a rather more mature, less “spiky” but just as distinctive style).

This was the loudest gig I’ve been to in a while, possibly too loud for the small venue and the mix was rather muddy, making the distinctive bass and drum parts rather indistinct. But the energy on stage more than made up for that.

Supporting were Liverpool group 28 Costumes who plough a similar furrow to the Futureheads, but they are less angular stylistically and have a certain cabaret feel to their songs. Well worth checking out.