>Got this in an e-mail from a mailing list today:-

“THE MAN WHO WOULD NOT DIE: The remarkable story of ‘Lucky’ Herschel McKee – Barnstormer, war hero, test pilot, motor racer, scoundrel
Herschel McKee’s remarkable life story reads like that of a comic-book hero. A daredevil, a leader of men and, above all, a survivor, McKee fought in both World Wars, suffering numerous skirmishes with death. His colourful life included spells as a Foreign Legion soldier, fighter-pilot ace with the elite Lafayette Flying Corps, prisoner-of-war escapee, racing driver, WWII bomber-wing commander and test pilot. His amazing resilience led to him being nicknamed ‘The Man Who Would Not Die’ while he was still alive.

…well, duh. Bit late to give him that nickname after he’d popped his clogs and handed in his dinner-pail, eh?