>Last Sunday, I went out on what might be described as “a bit of a lash” with two work colleagues. We went to a local hostelry to watch the Italy v Ireland 6 Nations match, and afterwards repaired to a different watering hole where I could watch the lads playing pool (I don’t indulge, thanks for asking).

All told, I was out for at least 9 hours. Got home. Went to bed. Got a relatively decent night’s “sleep” and went in to work the next day. Not a happy camper.

And even now, six days later, I’m still not right. Oh, the aftereffects of the imbibing have been sorted days ago, but I seem to have caught a cold on the day which is hanging around. A general “stuffed-up” feeling, allied to a hint of a sore throat. No cough, thank goodness…

Normally, I’d take some form of remedy to deal with the cold, but for some reason I haven’t done that on this occasion. As a result, I feel tired and a little listless all the time. On Thursday, I had the joyous task of installing a new washing machine and getting rid of the old one. Do you think I could get my brain to function properly in order to carry out that reasonably logical sequence of tasks? No way. Even bending over was difficult – a vague dizzy feeling came over me.

I reckon a good walk in God’s clean, fresh (apart from the whiff of slurry) Spring air would probably do me a power of good. But I just can’t be bothered…