>I had an experience today which was – well – somewhat unnerving…

I was off work today doing a spot of musicing and afterwards was listening to music on my iPod via my PC.

One of the albums I was listening to is called Ballard Landscapes 2 by a group called Cousin Silas. It’s an ambient album but it’s not entirely benign in an Enoesque way. Some of the tracks have a rather dark edge to them and, as they are all rather similar in style and construction, there is a sense of continuity throughout the album, even if you listen to it in reverse order, as I was today (don’t ask why…).

About half-way through the album, I noticed myself getting decidedly edgy and ill-at-ease. As the album progressed, so did my feeling of discomfiture. At one stage, I felt a little nauseous and had to go outside for some fresh air.

To make matters worse, when I came back inside, I noticed that Panther, our cat, was uncharacteristically burrowing behind a cabinet in the room where the music was playing. He never does this. I had to manhandle (or cathandle) him out of the way before he did some damage.

Now, on further reflection, it might have been all the cups of coffee I’d had this morning, allied to the disorientating effect of the ambient music, which had me the way I was today. But how does that explain Panther’s behaviour? He doesn’t drink coffee – or at least he’s never told me that he does…