>Now that we’ve reached July, let’s just see how things are going, shall we?:-

  1. To get to see Arsenal play at least once this year – as predicted at the start of the year, this is not looking good
  2. To visit a country I’ve never been to before – neither is this one
  3. To start cycling again as soon as the weather improves – I’ve done a fair bit of cycling so far this year, but not nearly enough. Life tends to interfere with plans.
  4. To generally get the oul‘ bod a bit more together – hmmm, well I’m walking as much as I can, but it’s not enough really. I’ve had some interesting experiments with sobriety, though…:-)
  5. To move house – hopefully next month!
  6. To either change my car or keep it for longer – keeping it for another two years, hopefully
  7. To have a better year at work than I had last year – pretty much the same as last year, unfortunately
  8. To see friends more – done and done. More to do
  9. Not to volunteer to do anything for anyone under any circumstancewell, I have volunteered for one or two things. One worked out fine and one should be pretty easy to accomplish. But I think I’ll stop right there
  10. To stop wrecking me own head – yeah right