>Although I grew up in North Kerry (a part of Ireland that some people have described as being “black IRA”), my family would occasionally listen to BBC Radio on an old Philips transistor. Usually on a Sunday morning and lunchtime. So at an early age I was exposed to such delights as Family Favourites (and wondering what the hell a “BFPO” was), The Navy Lark and The Clitheroe Kid.

I’d forgotten all about Jimmy Clitheroe until I came across a few websites the other day dealing with TV and radio shows that had been erased in order to recycle the video and audio tapes. To be honest, I knew the name Jimmy Clitheroe, but I knew nothing about the man, until I did a bit of digging around here and here

…as he might have said himself, “Oo, flippin‘ ‘eck!”