>…wherein your humble scribe assesses how much progress has been made with his New Year resolutions.

Well, here goes for shport

  1. To get to see Arsenal play at least once this year – UPDATE – not sure if I will swing this. I’m starting to develop a severe allergic reaction to all the palaver that goes on at airports. And travelling by ferry/train to London is not a practical option. Maybe I’ll just watch ’em on the goggle box.
  2. To visit a country I’ve never been to before – UPDATE – bizarrely, this was looking very good for a while, as Elder Daughter is going to work in Mexico for a few months later this year. We had considered going over as a family to see her, but the combination of time and financial constraints mean that this is out of the question. Still, it’s the thought that counts, innit?
  3. To start cycling again as soon as the weather improves – UPDATE – the combination of weather, way too much sport spectating and the joys of home improvements meant that I’ve only been on the bike once since the start of the year. Things have quietened down a bit since the start of the year, so I’ll revisit this soon.
  4. To generally get the oul‘ bod a bit more together – UPDATE – walking, but not nearly as much as I should. Room for improvement
  5. To undergo a spot of elective surgery – UPDATE – I plan to make a significant phone call this very week…
  6. To either change my car or keep it for longer – UPDATE – came very close to making a call on this within the last few weeks. A (non-fatal) mechanical issue has arisen with the land-yacht, which would probably cost more to rectify than the car is actually worth. Still running fine though, and although there is great value to be had in buying secondhand cars these days, I reckon I have other financial commitments that are of a higher priority than changing the motor. I still monitor the market though. Regularly.
  7. To have a better year at work than I had last year – UPDATE – so far, so good (touch Formica). There’s always tomorrow, though. Literally…
  8. To see friends more – UPDATE – this ain’t working out. Must try harder
  9. Not to volunteer to do anything for anyone under any circumstance – UPDATE – can’t say that I haven’t volunteered (exactly), but most of my offers are unlikely to be taken up, so that’s alright then…;-)
  10. To stop wrecking me own head – UPDATEm’eh