RSM’s new album emerges as a result of a fundraising drive on Kickstarter. Having raised over $11k (an impressive achievement in itself…), RSM has recorded and released a 14-track studio set which will delight his legions of fans.

The first point to make is that, having listened to his home-recorded output for many years, it comes as a pleasant surprise to hear RSM in a (dare I say it) proper production for the first time. This should’ve happened years ago!

There’s a mid 70s US pop radio vibe to the album.  “Pop Music” manages to combine a languid, classic pop bounce with a fractured time signature and is one of my personal favourites on the album. Another is “Theorem”, which unexpectedly sounds in part like latter-day Radiohead, in part like an updated and jazzy form of psychedelic music as might be released by Andy Partridge. “You Don’t Have To Worry About My Love” is classic RSM in acoustic mode, while “Hurry Up” is suitably musically eccentric.

Well worth checking out.