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Didn’t buy it when it came out in 1984. Got it as a download about two years ago, but never sat down and listened to it in full. Until last night…

…what a heap of crap it was. Even if I could get my head around what the “point” of the album was (if there was a point), the music was awful, the singing was awful, the lyrics were awful, the cutting-edge technology of the time is so dated. The only positive I can really draw from the album is that some of the mixes sound great, even over an iPod. There seems to be (how can I describe this without sounding stupid?) a “space” in the middle of the mixes which allow the instruments to “breathe” (as it were). There are no big frequency clashes, no unpleasantness in the mastering.

Leaving aside all the hype surrounding the release of Relax and Two Tribes, there really was nothing much “behind” the album and the group. What *were* we thinking back then…?;-).