Was in the Danish capital a couple of weeks ago. Herewith some pics.

It wasn’t exactly what I expected – I thought it would be all shiny and pristine like some kind of Ikea-ville. But it’s dirty and grimy, riddled with graffiti and with rather a lot of apparently incomplete construction projects. Some of the public buildings look all Lutheran and forbidding.  The place looks like it could do with a lot of money being spent on it.

And the bloody bicycles – I’m all for a bit of cycling, me, but my Danish friends seem to take it to extremes. On more then one occasion, I almost came a cropper by stepping off the footpath on to the cycle lane. Not recommended, dear reader…;-)

But the people are very nice and friendly, and I felt rather at home amongst them – must be something to do with my nth generation Viking background.

And the Tivoli is lovely and quaint and everything we never had in Ireland as kids. And that made me rather sad and angry at the same time. But I got over it…