Yesterday, being a rather fine Sunday, forming part of our unexpected but welcome spell of fine weather, Mrs. P and I went for a bit of a spin up to Belvedere House.

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When we arrived, we noticed a lot of uncharacteristic activity there. Young “security” guys in hi-viz jackets and shorts and lots of fencing. There seemed to be some palaver about getting into the car park – a small queue of cars had formed. A security guy would chat to each driver and the cars would either go straight ahead or turn left into a field.

When it was my turn to top the queue, I rolled down the window and asked the security guy was there some event on. “Yeah,”, he replied, ” the LIFE Festival. A whole weekend of electronic music…” (pause to look at the pair of us in the car) “…but I’d say you just want to go to the House, so keep going straight ahead to the car park.”

And in that moment, I just felt so old and irrelevant…;-).